Did you know that Lisbon is the coolest city in Europe?

In her opinion, the Portuguese capital has a charming environment, good food and lively nightlife, which are the essential attributes for her choice and she highlights the main ones.

The nightlife

"If you think that Madrid parties until late, try going out in Lisbon". She emphasizes the "Bairro Alto", where more than 250 "appealing" bars extending along a "web of streets" covered in graffiti and the "Pensão Amor", currently one of the most famous bars of the city.

The "new" and the "traditional" gastronomy

Before, known for its cod, old coffee-shops and taverns, Lisbon now offers a great variety of modern and sophisticated restaurants, such as the "Belcanto", owned by Chef José Avillez. But let’s not forget about the traditional bifanas (pork-steak sandwiches) and the pastéis de nata (creamy custard tarts)!

Beaches and castles

In Lisbon we can inspire the Atlantic's salty air, sunbathe and catch a few waves. The dolphins, the boats that cross the Tejo River and the "immense" grilled fish and shellfish available in Cascais, did not go unnoticed.

Design and Art

Stylish articles, wine-bottle labels, interiors that combine vintage pieces with the last creations of designers, "spectacular" buildings.

"The greatest European capitals, such as London, Paris, Berlin or Madrid can have great art collections, but the 500 thousand inhabitants of Lisbon have access to its own panoply of art".

Lisboa à noite
Arco do Triunfo
Pontes de Lisboa
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