Porto is an enchanting city, situated on the banks of the Douro River. Classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO thanks to its impressive monuments and historical buildings, the city is the second largest in Portugal and it possesses the best views over the worldly renowned Port Wine Cellars, which are located on the south side of the river, in Vila Nova de Gaia. 
Faced towards Porto's historic centre, the Port Wine Cellars are an important tourist attraction. This sweet and fortified wine is produced from the grapes cultivated in the Douro region and sent to the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, where it is prepared and aged. Visitors may choose among the more than 50 cellars that exist alongside the river, in order to discover the dozens of varieties of Port Wine, which is today one of the most famous in the world.

Furthermore, in the Wine Spectator, a worldly reputed wine magazine, the Dow´s Vintage Port Wine 2011 has just been nominated as the best wine in the world.

Are you curious, do you want to know more? Come with us, on a special tour, where you get to know Port wine cellars and experiment Porto Gastronomy.


Porto Tour

Guided visit to two of the most prestigious Port Wine Cellars with wine tasting at the end of each visit. The tour explains about the production and warehousing of one of the world´s most famous wines, telling the secrets of the world´s most ancient demarcated wine region.

After the wine cellars, our tour takes you to one of the most special restaurants in Porto, the DOP restaurant.

This restaurant is in a building is full of history, in the historic city center, classified as World Heritage. For this space, the chef, Rui Paula, proposes a trip to the classic flavors of Portuguese cuisine: the Cod, the Goat, the Octopus and the Sausages stand out, but Rui Paula does not forget its roots and the richness of the cuisine of Porto and great quality of its fish and seafood. The “Memory” menu lets you travel by classic flavors of Portuguese cuisine, portrayed by the hands of Rui Paula. The perfect company to these classical flavors is the wine and you´ll discover that in Portugal we have great wines!

Pending on the time of the year you choose to visit Porto, we´ll decide the two wine cellars to visit on your tour, because their schedule changes along the year and also their offer.

This visit is available for groups and individuals.


Pick-up Location

You can come to us, at our office:

Avenida Vasco da Gama, 780
4430-247 Vila Nova de Gaia

Or we go to you, at your Hotel or other place of your preference.

Tour Duration

The duration of this tour goes to a maximum of 5 hours.

It can start in the morning, finishing with lunch or if you prefer, we can set the tour to the afternoon and finish with a very special dinner.

This tour has a specific schedule, but there are several aspects that we custom according to your preferences. So, please leave your request for this tour here and we contact you to set the details.

If you have any specific query, or prefer to contact us directly, simply call our support at +351 220 102 268 and speak to our friendly and helpful staff. 

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